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SurfATT Documentation


This is a package for Surface wave Adjoint Travel-time Tomography .

SurfATT is a package for surface wave travel-time tomography, which is designed to invert surface wave travel-time data for 2D/3D isotropic or azimuthal anisotropic velocity structures with following features:

  • Inversion for isotropic or azimuthal anisotropic media (Hao et al., 2024b, in preparation).

  • Calculation of surface wave travel time based on Eikonal equation with fast sweeping method [Tong, 2021].

  • Computation of isotropic and anisotropic sensitivity kernels through adjoint method [Tong, 2021].

  • Multi-grid model parametrization utilization in optimization [Tong et al., 2019].

  • Consideration of surface topography in forward and adjoint simulation [Hao et al., 2024].

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SurfATT is an innovative package driven by modern Fortran with an embedded MPI parallel framework. It employs a user-friendly format for both input/output file types, including:

  • yaml for input parameter files

  • csv for input/output travel-time data files

  • hdf5 for input/output model files

Furthermore, this package provides optimal cross-platform compatibility; it operates perfectly on both personal computers and High-Performance Computing (HPC) systems.



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